I don’t need you..

I don’t need you

I don’t need you either

These tears I cry alone

They cut and carve me

To bitter flesh and bone

You don’t listen or comfort

Because I’m strong you say

You and I both know, I’m going to make it

Day after day

But still this heart would like to have

A soft place to fall

To cry, let go of it all

So don’t ask me how I am

Because tomorrow I will be

Tough, cold hearted, and

A stronger version of me…



When darkness and loneliness set up camp

A lady’s mind can turn her into a vamp

Ignore me, use me? Oh I’ll show you

My sultry, sensuous you’ve never viewed

From lips to hips, the words and curves

I’ll use like a knife, cutting bitterness to serve

The slight smile you see, and batting of the eyes

Will both build you up, then cut you down to size

I’ve never been a typical woman scorned

But oh baby tonight, she was born!

…..there you have it, you’ve been warned..


You spoke those words to me and it took my breath away

They went deep into my soul, I will always remember this day

Those three little words were driven into my heart

I cherish them and feel them, with every part

My mind, heart and soul drank them in like champagne

Drenched me, filled me, as if it were rain

I am yours and I know that you are mine

I’ll tell you I love you with my words in rhyme.


You’re there

Right there

Whenever I need you

Talk to me


You know what to do

Your silence letting me rage

And a hug when I’m done

Your tears when I have tears

A true friend full of love ❤️

Enigmatic love

This enigmatic love I have for you is full of why’s, how’s, and when will I see you again. Yet, the simple clarity of it is this: the heart wants what it wants. Through the enigma my mind clearly wants you, and follows willingly my heart. Our puzzle is complex, but at the same time so perfectly and comfortably pieced together to make this love special and like no other. The enigma of love itself is displayed here between us, in our chance meeting, extenuating circumstances and the continuation of our story…

Pull me..

Pull me close, closer still

I’m completely taken, have no will

You shake my soul to the core

I take, take, still want more

Your kiss leaves me breathless

Your touch takes me to the heavens

Pull me closer, closest to your heart

I’m giving you me, every part.

Image by Steve K